BMW 3 Series E30

since 1983-1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engine
- 4. Cooling system
   4.2. Specifications
   4.3. Antifreeze
   4.4. Thermostat
   4.5. Radiator
   4.6. Fans and coupling of the drive
   4.7. Pump of cooling liquid
   4.8. Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Exhaust system
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Running gear
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
+ 14. Useful tips


4.7. Pump of cooling liquid


Pump of cooling liquid of the 4-cylinder engine

Sealing ring of the pump of cooling liquid (M40)

Laying of the pump of cooling liquid (M40)

On destruction of an epiploon of the pump specifies dribble of liquid from a control opening in the pump.

The condition of bearings of the pump is checked by check of a side play rocking in the cross direction (listening on the working engine cannot yield exact result as the sliping belt or worn-out bearings of the generator can make the howling sound).

Removal and installation

1. Disconnect the battery from weight.
2. After full cooling of the engine merge liquid.
3. Remove a fan casing (see subsection 4.6) and drive belts.
4. Disconnect hoses, remove from the pump a hydraulic clutch and a krylchatka.
M10 engine

5. Turn off bolts and remove the pump.
M20 engine
6. Uncover the ignition distributor, runner and the filter, disconnect high-voltage wires.
7. Remove the sensor of rotation of the crankshaft.

8. Turn off all bolts of the pump except lower.
9. Turn the pump and remove a spring of a natyazhitel of a belt and a pin.
10. Turn off the remained bolt and remove the pump.


Not to turn off a bolt of a natyazhitel of a belt. Rotation of a cam-shaft is not allowed.

M40 engine
11. Turn off bolts of fastening of the pump and remove the pump.

12. If the pump does not give in to removal, then screw two bolts in openings in special inflows and rotating them, remove the pump.
13. Installation is carried out upside-down taking into account the following:
      – on the M40 engine clear the demountable planes and replace a sealant;
      – on the M20 engine wrap the lower bolt and turn the pump before combination of openings, having established a spring and a pin. Tighten bolts of fastening gradually, doing 1/4 turns for reception.