BMW 3 Series E30

since 1983-1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

+ 1. Maintenance instruction
+ 2. Maintenance
+ 3. Engine
+ 4. Cooling system
+ 5. Heating and ventilation
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. Exhaust system
+ 8. Transmissions
+ 9. Coupling
+ 10. Brake system
+ 11. Running gear
+ 12. Body
+ 13. Electric equipment
- 14. Useful tips
   14.2. The changed numbers
   14.3. Purchase of the old car or mysterious set of figures and letters
   14.4. Durability of the car
   14.5. About parallelism of bridges of the car and trailer
   14.6. Preparation of the car for winter
   14.7. Rule 35
   14.8. Choice of the used car
   14.9. Engine oils
   14:10. What needs to be known, changing oil
   14:11. Emergence in deposit oil
   14:12. Whether it is possible to mix import oils?
   14:13. "Eats" much, but quietly goes
   14:14. It is rather live, than is dead …
   14:15. It is not got - useful tips
   14:16. Visit to car service
   14:17. A gear belt for the gas distribution mechanism drive
   14:18. Wear of pistons
   14:19. Valves
   14:20. Bearings of engines
   14:21. Pollution of the engine
   14:22. As the conditioner works and what to do if it failed
   14:23. Conditioner: not only "pluses", but also "minuses"
   14:24. Rules of service of the conditioner
   14:25. Antifreeze you should not disturb with antifreeze …
   14:26. What should be known upon purchase of the air filter
   14:27. Engine overheat
   14:28. What should be known to the owner of the car with the injector engine
   14:29. Accumulator
   14:30. Possible malfunctions of the rechargeable battery
   14:31. What to do with the failed generator
   14:32. The belt is guilty, and we blame the generator
   14:33. Catalyst
   14:34. Rub in one - or how to save the catalyst
   14:35. Probuksovochka
   14:36. Features of operation of the brake system
   14:37. Malfunctions of the brake system
   14:38. Brake fluids
   14:39. ABS: natural choice
   14:40. Rims
   14:41. We update rims
   14:42. Scheme of marking of a car tire
   14:43. Metal corrosion
   14:44. Automake-up
   14:45. What creaks?
   14:46. Hatch
   14:47. Safety cushion: troubles or pleasures?
   14:48. We fit well?
   14:49. Anticreeping "immunodeficiency"
   14:50. Why headlights grow dull
   14:51. Galogenka
   14:52. About the correct adjustment of headlights
   14:53. Electric motor
   14:54. From change of the places "composed" nothing changes?


14:16. Visit to car service


What we are and how to behave. Practical advice

They say, abroad the breakdown vehicle is abandoned on the road, and received completely corrected at a threshold of own house. The insurance company potters with the car, it pays works, owner does not even know in what car service and who was engaged in its restoration. Sometime so will be also at us, but in most cases (especially if repair is trusted not the company station) our owner, addressing to auto repair shop, is forced to enter long and sometimes difficult relations with her masters and mechanics. In the relations on which as we know, both quality of repair, and its price often depends. Not the secret, same master performs identical work with absolutely different quality. And business here not in evil will or mood of the performer, and that in our not comfortable conditions repair of our not perfect cars turns into work more often creative which result, among other things, strongly depends on desire of the one who will execute it, and that impression which will be made on it by the customer. There is even an unspoken rule: what client – such is and work. And though the client is always right, his correctness exerts different impact on a result.

What we are? And how it is correct to behave not to appear for nothing in every sense?

Look from car service

Workers of workshops characterize the most typical clients and express to them the relation differently. Generally the picture looks so.

Client - "fop". Arrives by car covered by various "lotions" and "gadgets": additional headlights, stoplights, spoilers, active antennas etc. An impression is made that the main knots of its car not the motor and the transmission, but the tape recorder with columns. Masters of such clients do not love. As a rule, they are not capable to estimate all work spent for repair of a subject of their desire, but are ready to carp at trifling scratch which allegedly was not earlier.

Complete antithesis of fops - "hard workers". These are people for whom the car not just the movement mechanism, and a subsistence. These generally address services of service for performance of those works which cannot make due to the lack of the special tool or opportunities. They do not pay attention to minor defects like poskripyvaniye of new spherical support, but are quite capable to make the real scandal if it becomes clear that, say, applied to sealing of a cover of a head of the block white silicone sealant, but not red high-temperature.

"Rationalizers". Their cars are supplied with additional filters, electronic proofreaders, omagnichivatel of gasoline, electric systems of protection of a body against corrosion, "fancy" candles. Having addressed services of service with the begun to knock engine demanding capital repairs, such clients sincerely are surprised to what, appears, despite all the aspect modifiers which they regularly filled in in the motor, oil needed to be changed after all. Masters of such do not respect.

Cars of the "equestrians" very difficult under repair who got used to go only by the car. Treating a visit to car service as to visit of the dentist (to go when absolutely presses), they start small diseases to such an extent that it is simpler to throw out the car, than all to treat him. By such cars and nuts it is easier not to turn off, and at once to cut off "Bulgarian". These with interest learn that the torn CV JOINT boot in a month leads to replacement of all knot.

In the early spring in workshops "careless snowdrops", kind of same "equestrians" appear. In their eyes a mute question: "Why even last fall the car quickly ran, and now creaks how the ungreased cart, speeds do not switch, and the engine is badly started?" They cannot understand that if not to preserve the car, then many details of its suspension bracket, engine and a body from the long parking under snow spoil more, than from daily trips. Special category – female drivers. By their cars all scheduled works, engine pure, as a rule, are regularly performed, cars are well-groomed. It is difficult for women to estimate real danger of some scratch or knock, and they address in workshops in each occasion. Sometimes on trifles like replacement of the burned-down safety lock. Their cars do not bring upon mechanics big trouble, but real masters glance at them haughtily.

In general, as it is easy to guess, employees of car service treat practically all the clients (in soul precisely!) haughtily and scornful indulgently. And not only at us. It is explained, probably, by perception psychology: "They ride, and we to them carry sanochka". There is even a saying: "The driver – only laying between a wheel and a seat which should be changed first of all". The rich and not really, "teapots" and "know-it-alls", quick-tempered, as gunpowder, and quiet, as tanks, – all of us outside love and deep respect of those who twist to us nuts. Then whom if do not love then respect the master to whom most qualitatively and diligently they carry out repair?

Most successfully, judging by our observations, masters have relations with those who know specifics of car repairs and represent, at least in general as as it is necessary to do. At the same time such person is not obliged to be able "to twist nuts", but his knowledge and representations quite will be enough to understand why it was necessary to make that, but not another, than derogation from the rule and the accepted canon is caused, and, main thing, is difficult to humbug it. He can always forgive an oversight or a mistake, but is capable to claim strictly for hack-work. He always knows what he wants, and is able to achieve it. Well, and if there are no those skills how there is no desire (forces, time) to penetrate into specifics of repair, considering that the car was bought not for this purpose? Then it is necessary to choose such company car service where quality is guaranteed by its high reputation and rigid control from the management. But we have a conversation not about it now.

How to behave

The advice given below will help to avoid the characteristic mistakes influencing workmanship of works and their price.

It is necessary to be prepared for visit of car service. Wash the car. Especially in places of the planned repair. Remove from it all superfluous. Switch-off the alarm system and screw together confidential nuts, having put them on a foreground. Cover seats with old covers, pure rag or polyethylene. Some leave in a visible place a small bottle of mineral water. It you show respect for people who will be engaged in your car.

Try to facilitate carrying out future works in every possible way. If in the car there is additional electric equipment (electroelevators, additions to system of ignition, etc.), leave their schemes or warn about their existence.

Be going to explain clear those defects which have to be eliminated, and ask to check at you work of those knots which are subject to repair. Do not make the diagnosis and the more so do not make categorical recommendations. If you, for example, tell "pull a chain", having heard that it rustles, to you it will be will pulled. And in several days the uspokoitel will collapse and all head of the cylinder will fail, for example. Ask the master most to listen to the engine (to look at a suspension bracket) and decide together what details need to be replaced surely and what to repair.

Agree on the list of the replaced elements here and stipulate who gets them. If service assumes responsibility for quality (especially difficult) details, it is better to charge their purchases to it even if it is a little will raise the price of repair. Buying details, choose the best of what is available. Do not save on trifles – nuts, percussion caps, boots, "elastic bands" and in general all disposable details. Their replacement not only increases quality of repair, but also sharply simplifies it, and at the same time and lightens the mood to those who directly repair.

If you have no idea of how this or that malfunction is eliminated, be not too lazy, open the instruction or a grant for repair and at least in general penetrate into the main point. It will add to you authority on the mechanic's eyes, will force to work it more carefully, and to you – to control work flow.

If there are an opportunity and desire, be present at repair or at least regularly inquire about its course. In the course of work there are many small questions: to do – not to do, change – not to change. It is better if they are solved at once. Besides, defects which will be very difficult to be eliminated then are opened, and at present – it is possible. For example, when change a wing or the back panel, unattractive picture of corrosion of the elements surrounding them opens (even at new cars), it is easy to eliminate it on the course, but coordination with the customer as demands additional expenses from his party is necessary.

Watch work unostentatiously, do not plague. Search and elimination of many "individual" malfunctions happens a trial and error method, and nobody wants that someone saw that he is mistaken. At the same time be ready to answer the arising questions or to explain something to the master. He knows the car in general, and you – behavior and background of this copy. Besides, only you know what type of oil is filled in in the engine and what polish was used.

Try to control quality of works step by step. It is much simpler to eliminate the minor body defect which is not stipulated in initial accounting to primer, than after painting.

Stipulate a warranty period, an order of presentation of claims at once. Especially many questions arise on quality of coloring. GOST on this type of works allows light shagreen leather, existence of small dirtiness, but does not allow paint potek. Our council – do not demand very smooth surface. It is easy to receive it, having put the thinnest paint coat. Besides, in this case there will be no potek whereas the light shagreen leather testifying to a thick layer can be zapolirovat, and existence of a small potek even in the imperceptible place will allow to reduce the size of payment for work significantly.

Nothing happens eternal, but for certain will arrange you if, say, paint oblezt right after the expiration of this guarantee. Therefore it is better if you buy expendables and some specific means which cannot be in a workshop of the average level (having consulted to those who will work with them). For example, if by your car sometime used silicone polish, get special means for its removal. Some polishes containing teflon are not removed nothing, and it is necessary to delete all paint with a special remover. Buy anticorrosive soil only the best quality, it is desirable two-component epoxy about which it is known that they maintain the test of salt fog. The difference in the price of 50-70 thousand rubles for liter will pay off repeatedly and very quickly (do not confuse only them to painting soil!). On bank it has to be at least written that they are applied to pure metal and have anticorrosive properties.

Having addressed in a workshop the first time, think that the visit here for certain will be not the last. Therefore take care that the following repair gave to mechanics even less inconvenience: ask the master to sprinkle before final assembly threaded and other connections some silicone spray-lubricant. It, as well as universal liquid of the VD-40 type, it is better to have in a luggage carrier.

Do not bargain after to you called the final price, but before ask to make detailed accounting with types of separate works and their cost. Here it makes sense to discuss it in detail to eliminate double payment for the same work. For example, if it is required to replace brake shoes and the brake cylinder, it is impossible to summarize automatically quotations of these works as for replacement of the cylinder it is already required to remove a wheel, brake drum and other.

And the last. Do not try to put to the master in gratitude tip and furthermore – a vodka bottle. It was so accepted when its salary made 5–6 percent from the fact that you paid to cash desk. Today its earnings together with awards and other payments appear more than a half of the sum paid by you. Find other opportunities to show to it the respect and appreciation. For example, present an exclusive souvenir, expensive book, unique key or something like that.